The SEF is Doing Their Best to Save the Magnificent African Elephant

  • Thursday, Mar 4, 2021

In the last ten years, the number of elephants in the wild has dropped by a whopping 62%, meaning that they could be extinct by 2030. It is estimated that 100 African elephants are slaughtered each day for their ivory and meat. As a result, there are just 400,000 left in the wild. The Space for Elephants Foundation (SEF) is trying to fight this decline.

About This Amazing Foundation

The SFE is a non-profit organization that aims to create space throughout Africa that elephants can use so that they can avoid human contact.

This foundation came into being when elephants were transported to the Pongola Game Reserve. The rangers closely monitored the bulls as they explored and visited female herds. The bulls showed no aggression, so the farmers agreed to cut down their fences to allow the bull elephants to pass through the land.

The following year, the bulls returned to the reserve along with the cows. Dr. Heinz Kohrs thought that this would be great if elephants were able to do this throughout Africa, so the SEF was born.

How Are They Able to Do What they Do?

The SEF are fortunate to have dedicated trustees that give a lot of their time to the organization, without earning a penny. This means that the SEF can then use the funds that they receive for projects and to create the corridors that the elephants will follow.

When a piece of land is located that the SEF thinks will be perfect to form part of one of the corridors, they obviously need to get permission from the landowner to create the corridor. The owner is obviously losing some of his land, so he requires compensation. This is where donations from kind people who care about elephants come into play.

What is Their Dream?

Three centuries ago, elephants used to migrate from Kwazulu Natal to Angola. However, they stopped doing this when their paths were blocked by fences and other obstacles. The SEF’s main dream is to see this migration happening again, although they know that this is something that will not be easy to achieve. However, they are making steady process.

Elephants are very smart creatures and have fantastic memories. They are also creatures of habit, so often use the same migration routes that were used by their ancestors. However, when they find one of their routes blocked by a fence, it can stress them out a lot. As we all know, stress is not good for any living creature. The SEF want to ensure that these beautiful creatures are not too stressed out as they will not mate when stressed out.

What Are Some of the Advantages of Creating Corridors?

Below are some of the advantages that are brought about by the creation of these corridors:

  • Decreases their stress levels
  • Allows for the natural dispersion of animals
  • Can be used by other animals such as rhinos and wild dogs
  • Allows for more separation between humans and elephants

What Process is Gone Through to Create a Corridor?

Below are the general steps that are followed when it comes to creating a corridor:

  • Identify a perfect area for a corridor
  • Work out how much it will cost to turn it into a corridor
  • Apply for and secure funds for the project
  • Find out who owns the land and ask for permission to use it
  • Set up a meeting between the SFE and the owners so that they all parties know exactly what is happening
  • Create the contracts and sign them
  • Start carrying out all the necessary work

Donations and Sponsors

Without donations, SFE wouldn’t be able to carry on doing the fantastic work that they are doing. Therefore, they are extremely grateful to everyone who has donated to them. If you would like to donate, you can visit their official page and do so from there.

If you would like to learn a lot more about African elephants from their feeding habits to their anatomy to their behavioral patterns, then you can purchase the “Silent Giants of Southern Africa” book. By doing so, you will also be contributing to their wonderful cause.

They also receive quite a lot of money from sponsors. One such sponsor is Elephant Gin. Their founders adore elephants and they firmly believe that this generation has the responsibility to ensure that future generations can enjoy such wonderful wildlife. Therefore, each year, the donate 15% of their profits to the SFE to ensure that they can carry on doing all of their fantastic work.